Secondary Education

Are you looking for a fun sports activity for the class? Is there a party to celebrate with the whole school? Wanting to start the school year well with crazy team building activities? Or end the year with a fun school camp? Everything is possible with Sport4kidz! You can choose from single clinics, fully arranged sports days for the entire school or a weekly recurring program! We have an extensive range of sports and play activities that we can provide at Jeugdland, but also at your own location. In this way we, adapt to your wishes and we are happy to make a customized proposal.


Look further yo the extensive possibilities with more information!

[ucaddon_content_tile_link title=”Single clinic” inhoud=”Are you looking for a fun sports activity where the kidz can run, trust, work together and let off steam? The kidz can fully enjoy the challenging GPS treasure hunts, the tough team building games or kayaking on the water.” image=”wp-content/uploads/2020/11/IMG_0093-scaled.jpeg” link=”” link_text=”Read more” uc_init_settings=””]
[ucaddon_content_tile_link title=”Sports day” inhoud=”Sport4kidz is the ideal collaboration partner for schools that want to outsource their sports day. We provide fully organized sports days. The activities we offer are very diverse and range from kayaking or sailing to GPS treasure hunts and archery.” image=”wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Schermafbeelding-2020-11-03-om-11.21.25.png” link=”” link_text=”Read more” uc_init_settings=””]