About us

What do we do?

We are working to develop, to organize and to supervise many sports & games activities at Sport4kidz. Primary school students, high school student and associations around Amsterdam can come to us for both sportive indoor- as outdoor- and watersportactivities. Besides that kidz are welcome for their sportiest children’s parties. Sport4kidz is a business unit of the event agency Sportmomentje.



What is our mission?

Much of our work comes from the social desire to provide opportunities for children to play and exercise outdoors. Sadley, children are offered less possibilities to play games and sports activities.  They may not only miss out on fun, but also fall behind on physical, cognitive and social aspects of life. This includes children lacking at corporation, sense of values, in keeping and observing the rules, showing consideration and getting to know their own talents and limitations. These lags in development influence both children’s behavior as their physical development. By offering a variety of sports activities we would like to combate social disadvantages and overweight by children.


Are we merely being sensible? Not at all! Our mission for each and every child is to feel the joy of playing sports and games; Let’s play!


Who are we?

[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Bas” subtitle=”(Lead)Instructor” inhoud=”I am 30 years old, graduated as PE teacher and I almost work for 8 years at Sport4kidz. I like everything in this job, both dealing with so many different enthusiastic kidz who are creative and impulsive as variety in sports and activities where every child can learn. This challenges me to be creative and I keep on looking for new games. Besides this, I play dodgeball with the Dutch National team!” image=”18013″ uc_init_settings=””]
[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Jimmy” subtitle=”(Lead)Instructor” inhoud=”I am a huge sports fan and my favorite sport is soccer. At Sport4kidz, I can transfer my fun to the starting sports and game players and my pedagogical skills come in handy here!” image=”18056″]
[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Guido” subtitle=”Instructor” inhoud=”I’m 31 years old and finished my studies as an ALO teacher. I work for over 6 years for Sport4Kidz now. You most likely see me during the holidays and on Saturdays at the St. Nicolaaslyceum. I love to play football and I want to start playing tennis in the near future. I hope to organize a fun and sporty party with you soon!” image=”18052″ uc_init_settings=””]
[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Michiel” subtitle=”Owner” inhoud=”Sport is important to keep you physically fit, but it also has a positive impact on your mindset: it brings you energy! As the owner, that’s the key message I want to bring across to both our instructors and our participants. Therefore we develop original and challenging activities. For me personally that’s the strong attraction of Sport4kidz: it’s a place where I can combine my acquired knowledge (ALO, Human Movement Sciences VU and Nyenrode), passion for the outdoor sport and the adventure of being an entrepreneur. Come and join us!” image=”18014″]