For all sporty kids in and around Amsterdam, we organize the best sports activities! Our extensive offer consists of sports children’s parties, drop-in monkey caging, sports days and sports camps, school activities, after-school care  and club activities. We’re also run the Outdoor & Aquatics center at Jeugdland in East-Amsterdam.


Don’t hesitate to browse our website! When you’re interested in an activity, please contact us, without commitment, using the form on our contact page. If you want to keep up to date, please follow our Instagram page and like our Facebook page!



Whatever activity your child will choose at Sport4kidz sporting is always fun!

  • Sport Children's Parties
    Sport Children's Parties
    For those looking for a unforgettable, energetically and sporty children’s party! Don’t look any further, becauseSport4kidz organizes the very best of them!   Every party we...
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  • Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland
    Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland
    Learn how to sail, to build your own raft, to go kayaking and use survival skills, to use gps, to light a fire, archery,...
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  • Schools, After- school care (bso) and (Sporting) Clubs
    Schools, After- school care (bso) and (Sporting) Clubs
    Sport4kidz is the ideal collaboration partner for primary schools, secondary schools, out-of-school care facilities, sports clubs and other groups who want to outsource a...
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  • Sports Days & Sports Camps
    Sports Days & Sports Camps
    For every sports freak from 6 until 12, we’ll organize several sports days and holiday camps. Depending on the sort of sports day and/or sports...
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  • Foot Golf, Disc Golf en Supa Golf
    Foot Golf, Disc Golf en Supa Golf
    Fun golf, we call this threesome. Playing golf with your feet, playing golf with a frisbee, and playing golf with modified and therefore junior-friendly...
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  • Drop-in Monkey Caging
    Drop-in Monkey Caging
    Have you heard of Monkey caging? It’s the funniest form of gymnastics there is: running, jumping, climbing, sliding, hiding and bolting without touching the...
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