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New program:



This weekend, we will introduce in coorporation with Jeugdland our new program ‘Sportlab’. This is a free program with the focus at sports and play!


Curious? Have a quick look at the agenda!

Social Media:

Now active on Instagram!


From today onwards you will not only be able to reach us through Facebook, the website or our newsletter, but also on  Instagram! Have a look at our page and follow us for the nicest updates and information.


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From March on:

Bubble Ball Party also at SNL!


From now onwards, you can book a Bubble Ball children’s party at the Sint-Nicolaas Lyceum aswell! This is our sports location in the South of Amsterdam.


Curious? Have a quick look at the page of the Bubble Ball party!

Het marnix

Het Marnix:

Sport4kidz has a new sportlocation!


From now onwards we will organize sportive children’s parties at Sportscentre Het Marnix, which is located in westside of the Centre in Amsterdam. We can provide a Monkey Cage-, Ballsports-, Soccer- or Freerun Party with or without extension at this location!

We are very much looking forward to the new collaboration with Het Marnix.




Have a quick look at contact and locations for all the information about Het Marnix!


More than 10.000 (!!!) kidz!


Have you already noticed that we made more than 10.000 (!!!) kidz happy with a Monkey Cage party in the past 4 years?!


That’s why we can conclude that the monkey cage party is the most popular children’s party we have! We have celebrated this huge amount big by organizing the MEGA XXL Edition of the drop-in monkey cage on Sunday the 16th of February.

New by Sport4kidz:

Archery Tag party!


 You can book here an Archery Tag Children’s party with or without extension from now onwards!


Curious? Have a look at our page for the Archery Tag party!