Sports day secondary education

Sport4kidz is the ideal collaboration partner for schools that want to outsource their sports day. We provide fully organized sports days. Thanks to our extensive range of outdoor, water and sports activities, we can meet all wishes. We can provide a sports day at Outdoor & Watersport Jeugdland, Sports Center Universum, but also bring our materials to your own location. In short, everything is possible!


The activities we offer are very diverse and range from kayaking or sailing to GPS treasure hunts and archery. Sport4kidz is specialized in team building activities with our own developed games and materials. The goal is to trust each other, work together, listen carefully to each other and use each other’s positive qualities. The Big A, beam race, crossing game, blind square, carpet game and many other team building games are guided by our experienced instructors.

Take a look at the sample program below and fill in the contact form below to receive a custom-made proposal.

Sample program

Sports day per class

10.30-12.00amActivity block 1: sports activities
12:30-2pmActivity block 2: sports activities

Sports day multiple classes

10-10.30amIntroduction classes morning program
10.30-12 amSports activities morning program
12-12.15pmClosing classes morning program
12.15-12.45pmIntroduction classes afternoon program
12.45-2.15pmSports activities afternoon program
2.15-2.30pmClosing classes afternoon program