Drop-in Monkey Caging

Have you heard of Monkey caging? It’s the funniest form of gymnastics there is: running, jumping, climbing, sliding, hiding and bolting without touching the floor! That’s monkey caging for you! Each year during Winter, Sport4kidz organizes, in cooperation with Sports center Universum, smashing monkey caging feasts! And now we even have a second location to use: the Sint-Nicolaaslyceum in South-Amsterdam. Supervised and coached by our capable and enthusiastic teachers, joined by parents who are in the mood to play along, children are able to live it up on the challenging monkey caging track and/or by playing individual games.


The Monkey Cage dates for the autumn of 2020 and springtime of 2021 are not known yet. Due to the Covid-19 measures / restrictions we cannot organize a safe monkey cage until further notice. We will post the details here when the situation has changed.

Drop-in Monkey Caging Locations



Sports center Universum, East-Amsterdam

Located at Science Park. You can check in at the counter of the sports center.

Address: Science Park 306, 1098 XH Amsterdam.

PLEASE NOTE: paid parking, (€1,00ph), free parking on Sunday.



Sint-Nicolaaslyceum, South-Amsterdam

Located on the southern side of Beatrixpark. You can check in at the counter at the main entrance (at the parkside of the building).

Address: Beethovenplein 2, 1077 WM Amsterdam. Paid parking is possible at Beethovenstraat (€2,40ph).



Monkey Caging Dates Winter/Spring 2019/2020


 Sports Center Universum, East-Amsterdam


 Sint-Nicolaaslyceum, South-Amsterdam

Are you the one Monkey Caging is made for? When can you play:


Sports Center Universum:

ATTENTION: During the XXL edition on December 29th and February 16th there are two halls open from 10.00h until 14.00h for all kidz from 3 until 10

Saturday & Sunday

  • 10.00am – 11.45am: children from 3 until 5
  • 12.00am – 13.45am: children from 6 until 10




  • 10.00am – 13.45am (XXL Edition): children from 3 until 10

Monkey caging is meant for individual or/and small groups of children. Because of this, dropping-in with more than 5 children isn’t possible. If you want to play with a group of children, please use our contact form to subscribe. A good alternative for a larger group of children will be our organized Monkey caging.


Sports Center Universum

€7,50 for once-only entrance ticket;

€32,50 for a 5-ride ticket.



€7,50 for once-only entrance ticket. A 5-ride ticket isn’t available at this location.


PLEASE NOTE: the gyms are just able to cope with a certain amount of children within a certain time-lock. More than 100 children are not permitted.

We love to see you at one of our Monkey Caging drop-ins!