Contact and Locations



Valentijnkade 131
1095 KH Amsterdam

By telephone: 020 334680 on Tuesday and Friday, and on Wednesday until noon


Postal address

Carolina MacGillavrylaan 505
1098 XA Amsterdam



Sports locations

Sports Centre Universum (Amsterdam-East / SciencePark)
Science Park 306
1098 XH, Amsterdam

Sports Centre Amstelcampus (Amsterdam-Center/East)
Tweede Boerhaavestraat 10
1091 AN, Amsterdam

Please Note! No expansion possible on this location

Sint Nicolaas Lyceum (Amsterdam-South)
Beethovenplein 2
1077 WM, Amsterdam

Please note! Only available on Saterdays

Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland
Valentijnkade 131

1095 KH, Amsterdam

Sports Park Middenmeer (Amsterdam-East)
Fungolf Amsterdam

Radioweg 76
1098 NJ, Amsterdam