Surfing Party

For every windsurf-kid around we organize a splashing windsurfing party at Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland in East-Amsterdam. Children will learn some basic windsurfing skills by means of a short introduction to theory and, especially, a lot of practicing on easy accessible and well-balanced sailboards, which are almost impossible to wipe out. While on the water, wearing safety vests will be obligatory. Before and after the windsurfing party, orangeaid will be served at Jeugdland. The children can also amuse themselves in the playground, the aquatic play area and the cabin village. The total duration of this party is 180 minutes.

Additional Information:

Costs€15,00 per child (with a minimum of 10 children) + €4 per child (the consumption of the available orangeade is obligatory)
Number of participantsA maximum of 12 children
WhenWednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
WhereOutdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland
WhoChildren aged 10 and over

The surfing party costs include:

  • Organization
  • Construction and deconstruction
  • 90 minutes of surfing, supervised by a professional instructor
  • A festively decorated table with plenty of lemonade
  • Free play in the playground, the aquatic play area and  the cabin village.


Please note: our sports activities will be coached by Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland (=Sport4kidz). The following additions will be cared for by Maakland, our partner within the nature playground Jeugdland Amsterdam

Optional additional arrangements:

During your children’s party at Jeugdland, the use of a festively decorated picnic table with unlimited consumption of orangeade is obligatory, for which an extra €4 per child will be charged. Included are free play at the playground, the aquatic play area and the cabin village.


 Optional catering:

  • Coffee and/or tea at €5,00 per thermos;
  • A cake of 10-12 pieces. €17,50. Optional are apple pie, chocolate cake, carrot cake, cheesecake, or profiteroles cake
  • A lavish catering for children, €5,00 per child, including a piece of cake, juice, and a snack (hot dog, toasted ham and cheese sandwich or ‘poffertjes’ (a typically Dutch treat, consisting of a portion of a kind of tiny pancakes)
  • A festive catering for adults, €5,00 per person: coffee or tea as desired, and a piece of cake.


The children’s parties at Jeugdland are available within three time-locks:


  • In the morning (10.30am – 1.30pm)
  • In the afternoon, 1st round (12 – 3pm)
  • In the afternoon, 2nd round (2pm – 5pm)


Please subscribe on the website of Maakland. First click on children’s party at the top right side of the start page. You’ll find the required form on the bottom right hand side of the appearing page, under the heading ‘Outdoor & aquatics party’. Further contact and complete transaction will be with and by Maakland.

Model program surfing party:

The below mentioned time schedule is randomly chosen. Time-locks depend on your own preferences and the availability of the desired location.


10:30u-11:00uLemonade table
12:30u-13:30uLemonade table + Free play in the playground

If you have any questions please fill out the form below.



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