Sportlab is a sports program for all kidz who a love sports and play! This program filled with outdoor sports and game activities will be guided by a trained instructor and is free to join. We do organize Sportlab in two different timeframes at Outdoor & Aquatics on Sundaymorning. Kidz from 4 years and older are welcome to join and discover the fun of sports and physical activity. This program is specifically for the younger kidz, but very fun for the older ones too! You can join freely without any subscription, so make sure to be on time!


Activity: Sportlab
When: During the period between the spring and autumn
Times: During planned Sundag between 12pm – 2pm
Requirements: Kidz between 4 till 10 years old
Costs: Free program

Sportlab planning:

-Start spring season:Sunday March 20th 2022
-Start May holidaySunday April 24th 2022
-End May holiday:Sunday May 15th 2022
-Start Summer seasonSunday June 19th 2022
-Start Summer holiday:Sunday July 17th 2022
-End Summer holiday:Sunday August 28th 2022
-Start Autumn season:Sunday September 25th 2022
-End Half-term Autumn holiday:Sunday October 23th 2022

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