Sport Children’s Parties

For those looking for a unforgettable, energetically and sporty children’s party! Don’t look any further, becauseSport4kidz organizes the very best of them!


Every party we organize is guaranteed to be enjoyable, full of activities and fun-packed. Besides 90 minutes of sporty pleasure, supervised by our capable and enthusiastic teachers, you can go for the additional arrangements with soft drinks, birthday cake and a meal before and/or afterwards the party. Sport4kidz not only offers sports, but also possibilities for an all-in children’s party which is a must for parents who want to take things easy. Children will remember these parties for a long time afterwards!

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Outdoor Children's Parties
  • Monkey Caging Party
    Monkey Caging Party
    We rebuild the gym into an actual monkey caging jungle, where our monkeys can try to set themselves up. Our teacher will coach the monkeys...
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  • Ball Games Party
    Ball Games Party
    The birthday boy or girl can choose from different kinds of ball games, like dodge ball, volleyball, rounders with obstacles, (bounce )hockey, basketball or...
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  • Bubble Ball Party
    Bubble Ball Party
    Did you ever sport while being inside a big, transparent bubble? Don’t we all want to bump into things and bounce around without hurting...
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  • Soccer Party
    Soccer Party
    A playful warming-up, passing, kicking the ball and scoring, relaying, and shooting on goal, these are the ingredients for a super fun party for...
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  • Freerun Party
    Freerun Party
    To facilitate this 90 minutes party, the gym is transformed into a serious freerunning track. Starting with a brief introduction and demonstration, kids are...
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  • Archery Tag Party
    Archery Tag Party
    Archery tag is a combination of dodgeball and paintball played with bow and arrow! But because of the foam end of the arrows, this...
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  • GPS Party
    GPS Party
    This party is a show-off! The modern equivalent of an old-fashioned hunt, on the grounds of Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland at East-Amsterdam. During the...
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  • Archery Party
    Archery Party
    This thrilling 90 minutes party is organized at Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland in East-Amsterdam. Starting with an introduction about safety and skills, kids are...
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  • Build your own raft Party
    Build your own raft Party
    Build your own raft with just some ropes, barrels and timber and float it on the water of Nieuwe Diep at Outdoor & Aquatics...
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  • Aquatic fun Party
    Aquatic fun Party
    Dibbing, bobbing, jumping! Enjoy our aquatic fun party to the fullest at Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland in East-Amsterdam. During 90 minutes of fun kids...
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  • Sup Party
    Sup Party
    SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing during our SUP party at Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland in East-Amsterdam....
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  • Kayaking Party
    Kayaking Party
    A splashing kayaking party at Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland at East-Amsterdam. While playing funny games children will learn some basic kayaking skills and conclude...
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  • Sailing Party
    Sailing Party
    To sail before the wind in your Optimist (a small sailing dinghy for two children) on Nieuwe Diep? Join us at our sailing party at Oudoor...
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  • Wall Climbing Party
    Wall Climbing Party
    Are you not afraid of heights and looking for a cool party? Come wall climbing! Imagine yourself on a rock face on one of...
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  • Dancing Party
    Dancing Party
    Looking for an energetically and swinging children’s dance party? At this party, children meet new cultures and explore their ways to dance. Dancing the...
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  • Foot Golf Party
    Foot Golf Party
    The name of this party says it all: foot golf is a combination of soccer and golf! Children walk a challenging golf course with...
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  • Beach Sports Party
    Beach Sports Party
    What is more fun than racing and sporting on sand? That’s exactly what this party is all about! After a ‘sandy’ warming-up we play...
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  • Padel & Tennis Party
    Padel & Tennis Party
    The ingredients of this party are running, catching, hitting, but most of all, having fun! Your child doesn’t need to have any experience in...
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  • Surfing Party
    Surfing Party
    For every windsurf-kid around we organize a splashing windsurfing party at Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland in East-Amsterdam. Children will learn some basic windsurfing skills...
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  • Skate Party
    Skate Party
    Looking for a fab and dazzling party? Don’t look any further, let’s skate! Our skating party is also suitable for kids who never went inline...
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  • Judo Party
    Judo Party
    The nice thing about judo is the way (young) children are challenged to horse around. During this 90 minutes party children are free to...
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  • Frisbee- /Discgolf Party
    Frisbee- /Discgolf Party
    Disc golf resembles golf a lot, but is played with a frisbee. Using as few shots as possible, kids complete an obstacle-packed round. The...
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  • Fencing Party
    Fencing Party
    Competitive and exciting, that’s what this party is! A experienced trainer will give a playful and fun-packed introduction to fencing. Everything, from explaining the...
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