Skate Party

Looking for a fab and dazzling party? Don’t look any further, let’s skate!

Our skating party is also suitable for kids who never went inline skating before! Emphasizing safety first, children learn to move easily and to break their fall. Armed with these skills, it’s time to learn to skate properly. Time for free exercises under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher, who will give you hints and tips as well! High-fives galore!


This is an outdoors party that can be organized indoors as well. In this instance, extra costs are involved because of renting a hall.

Additional Information:

Expenses:€189 + €10 reservation costs (VAT included, additional arrangements excluded)
Number of persons:To a maximum of 14
Who:Minimum age of 7 years old
When:Each day, but dependent on availability of the location
Locations:Various outdoor locations throughout Amsterdam

The skate party costs include:

  • Costs of used materials
  • Staging and coaching by an experienced teacher

Model program skate party:

The below mentioned time schedule is randomly chosen. Time-locks depend on your own preferences and the availability of the desired location.


2.30pm – 4pmSkate party

If you have any questions or if you want to book a party, please fill out the form below.


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