Single Clinic Primary Education

Are you looking for a fun sports activity where kidz can run, jump, dive, have fun and let off steam? We can organize that for you! Our permanent outdoor location, Outdoor & Watersport Jeugdland (near the Flevopark), is the ideal outdoor location for outdoor & water sports children’s activities. The kidz can fully enjoy themselves with the challenging GPS treasure hunts, the tough archery or kayaking on the water. Sportcentrum Universum (Science Park) is our permanent sports location for indoor activities such as Monkey Cages, Bubble Balls or Freerun. Our materials are easy to transport and that is why we can also provide activities at your own location. We have organized several very successful programs of a 90 minute activity for a class or the entire school.



Because of our varied locations, no sport or activity is taboo for us, but this is a selection of our options: GPS TRACK, ARCHERY, RAFT BUILDING, FIRE-MAKING, SURVIVAL, KAYAK, SAILING, SUPPING, RAFT BUILDING, RAFTING WATER FUN, MONKEY CAGE, RACKET SPORTS, BUBBLE BALL, BALL SPORTS and many more group games and sports activities for children.



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