Park Sports party

Enjoying our sporty children’s parties is now also possible outside! All our outdoor parties are adventurous and fanatical sports and games that are fun for kids of all ages. The great thing about this party is that it can be provided completely corona-proof, even during the lockdown when the sports centers are closed. It is therefore a safe, challenging and above all festive choice for all kidz!


In addition to the sports activity, the party will be expanded with a festive lemonade table and catering. It differs per location which options are possible and how this time is filled in.

Additional Information:

Pricing:Costs sports activity + costs extension
Number of persons:To a maximum of 16 kidz
Who:Minimum age of 6 years old
Locations:The sportive park party is provided at two different locations.

Amsterdam East – Flevopark


The entire party will take place within a time slot of 3 hours. This will consist of a 90-minute sports activity in the Flevopark and an extension including catering at Jeugdland.

At this location you can choose between toasted sandwiches or poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes) with a muffin for each child.

Amsterdam South – Beatrixpark


The party will consist of a 90-minute sports activity at the Beatrixpark and a lemonade table before and after, including a snack on the terrace of the Sint Nicolaaslyceum.

At this location you can choose from fries, toasted sandwiches or a hot dog for every child.

Possible sports activities:

[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Archery Tag” subtitle=”Costs sportactivity: €234,00″ inhoud=”Archery Tag is a mix between dodgeball and paintball, but with a bow and arrow! Because the arrows are equipped with special foam tops, the game can be played safely without pain. Protect yourself and attack! To protect the face, we work with high-quality full-face masks. Different games can be played such as “death match” and “capture the flag”.
Bookable from 9 years.” image=”18103″ uc_init_settings=””]
[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Ballgames” subtitle=”Costs sportactivity: €214,00″ inhoud=”For this party, the birthday kidz can choose from various ball sports and ball games such as dodge ball, line ball/volleyball, striker (with obstacles), (bounce) hockey, basketball or football. In 1.5 hours, the kidz play 3 fun games/sports, making this a very active and varied party.
Bookable from 6 years.” image=”18139″ uc_init_settings=””]
[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Bubble ball” subtitle=”Costs sportactivity: €244,00″ inhoud=”Colliding and bouncing sports without hurting, we’ve all wanted to do that, haven’t we? Bubble ball has become very popular in recent years and we offer it in Amsterdam. In addition to the usual bubble football, several other fun bubble games are pulled out to make it a spectacular party.
Bookable from 7 years.” image=”18141″ uc_init_settings=””]
[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Dodgeball” subtitle=”Costs sportactivity: €214,00″ inhoud=”This sport is played in teams and the goal is to throw as many balls as possible to the other team without getting hit yourself. Because of all the great game options, there is a lot of variety during the party. Let’s Throw!
Bookable from 8 years.” image=”18143″ uc_init_settings=””]
[ucaddon_content_tile title=”Football” subtitle=”Costs sportactivity: €214,00″ inhoud=”A playful warm-up, passing and kicking, relay exercises, shooting at goal and closing matches. If the birthday boy or girl likes football, this is a super fun party! Depending on the wishes, the football party can be arranged as a real football training with technical aspects, or more like football & fun.
Bookable from 6 years.” image=”18144″ uc_init_settings=””]

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