Expedition Club

The Expedition Club is a sports program for all kidz who are crazy about adventure, survival and nature! Starting May till the end of October (excluding the summerholiday) we provide a new program with weekly adventures. The activities will teach you how to survive in nature just like in Expedition Robinson. This Program of outdoor and adventure activities is supervised by a real outdoor expert. Learn how to build a fire in the construction test, how to read a compass in the oriëntationtest and learn how to deal with obstacles in the coördinationtest. All kidz from 8 years old with swimming diploma A can be registered for the serie of lessons. We will go on a weekly expedition with kidz, everyone at their own level, and will master four different outdoor skills!


Activity: Expedition Club
When: In the period between the May Holiday and the autumn half-term holdiay.
Requirements: Children aged 8 an over; swimming certificate A (or foreign equivalent; wearing a safety vest is obligatory during water activities)
Costs: €80,00 euros for a complete serie of lessons during the springtime or during the autumnperiod

Autumn period

Start:Th. September 7th 2023
End:Th. October 26th 2023
Time:4pm - 5.30pm
Amount:8 lessons


Start:Th. May 16th 2024
End:Th. July 4th 2024
Time:4pm - 5.30pm
Amount:8 lessons

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