Christmas Sports Days


Our Christmas Sports Days can continu in a modified way!

From last Tuesday, December 15, the Netherlands has been in a strict lockdown to keep contacts to a minimum to combat the coronavirus. This means that indoor sports isn’t allowed for a period of five weeks. Because exercise is essential for all children, organized outdoor sports is permitted for children until 12 years old. There are no restrictions and sporting is allowed in groups without distance for these kidz! That is why we have great new: The Christmas Sports Days will continue!


The new measures do have consequence for our Christmas Sports Days. The camp will be fully organized outdoor. All indoor sports at Sportcentre Universum will be canceled, all activities and breaks will take place outdoor. Ofcourse, the temperature will be taken into account to the sports program. We will do lots of active sports to make sure the kidz will move a lot to stay warm. Also we will set up party tents with fire pits to stay warm during the break. The Christmas Sports Day will be organized for outdoorlovers who can continue without being inside for a whole day.


Ofcourse, this will make our program depending on the weather. If there is a lot of rain predicted, we will be forced to cancel the sports day a day before, because otherwise it won’t be fun. We hope you can understand this. In case of a canceled Sports Day, you will receive a voucher which can be used for a free sports day through whole 2021!



Before and after the Christmasdays, where kidz have to sit down, we can imagine that your kidz are full of energy for the New Year. Therefore we organize our Christmas Sports Days! The sports days are organized at Sports Centre Universum in East Amsterdam. You can bring your child at 9 AM and pick up is at 16 PM. The sports days contain a variated sports program indoors and outdoors. For example we will do bubble ball, ballgames, GPS scavenger hunt, self defense and ice-skating. If 4 days are too much for you, you can always subscribe for one day or two days.


Who: children from 6 until 12

When: Week 1: Monday 21st of December up to and including Thursday 24th of December. Week 2: Monday 28th of December up to and including Thursday 31st of December.
Time: each day from 9am – 4pm
Where: Outdoor & Watersport Jeugdland (Valentijnkade 131, 1095KH Amsterdam)
Subscription: Through this registration form
Costs: €47,50 per day or €170,00* for the whole week (4 days).
* €20,00 family discount for at least 2 children the whole week.
Costs for Stadspas holders: €2,50 per day of  €10,00 for the full week.



We will try to take  friends into account as much as possible, but we cannot garantee this. In principle, groups will be divided by age.