Build your own raft Party

Build your own raft with just some ropes, barrels and timber and float it on the water of Nieuwe Diep at Outdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland! Can you do it? What is the best way to build a raft, and how do you cooperate with other children, which is essential to manage the job? We build our rafts, and race and play with them during 75 minutes. Before and after the rafting party, orangeaid will be served at Jeugdland. The children can also amuse themselves in the playground, the aquatic play area and  the cabin village. The total duration of this party is 180 minutes.

Additional Information:

Costs€16,00 per child (with a minimum of 10 children) + €4,50 per child (the consumption of the available orangeade is obligatory)
Number of participantsA maximum of 16 children
WhoMinimal children’s age 8 with at least swimming certificate A or a foreign equivalent
WhenWednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
WhereOutdoor & Aquatics Jeugdland

The built your own raft party costs include:

  • Organization
  • Construction and deconstruction
  • 75 minutes of , supervised by a professional instructor
  • A festively decorated table with plenty of lemonade
  • Free play in the playground, the aquatic play area and  the cabin village.

Optional additional arrangements:

Obligated lemonadetable

During your children’s party at Jeugdland, the use of a festively decorated picnic table with unlimited consumption of lemonade is obligatory, for which an extra €4,50 per child will be charged. Included are free play at the playground, the aquatic play area and the cabin village.


 Optional catering

Apple pie€ 27,50
Chocolate cake€ 20,00
Cupcake + poffertjes or grilled cheese sandwich€ 5,00
Cupcake€ 1,75
Poffertjes€ 4,50
Grilled cheese sandwich€ 3,50
Quiche€ 5,00
Soup€ 5,00

Model program built your own raft party:

The children’s parties at Jeugdland are available within four time-locks:

  • In the morning (10.00am – 1.00pm)
  • In the afternoon, 1st round (11.00 – 2.00pm)
  • In the afternoon, 2nd round (1.30pm – 4.30pm)
  • In the afternoon, 3rd round (2.30pm – 5.30pm)
Pay attention: The last time slot isn’t available during the winter period.


The below mentioned time schedule is randomly chosen. Time-locks depend on your own preferences and the availability of the desired location.

10:00u-10:30uLemonade table
10:30u-11:45uBuilt your own raft party
11:45u-13:00uLemonade table + Free play in the playground


All children’s parties organized at Jeugdland can be book via Stichting Jeugdland Amsterdam. You can fill in the bookings system for a Jeugdland party. We will contact you to determine the final date and time of your party and provide you with all the necessary information after we have received your request.


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