About Sport4kidz

Who are we?

We are a department of event Compagny Sportmomentje. Sport4kidz develops, organizes and supervises a variety of sports and games for primary and secondary schools, after-school care (BSO) and clubs from in and around Amsterdam.

Our team:

Arjan Petersen

Michiel Vervoort

Niek Remijn

Jimmy Chapman

Bas Elgersma

Our view/ Our Wish

All activities from Sport4kidz originate from our desire to provide opportunities for children to play and exercise outdoors. Sadly, fewer children are offered less possibilities to play games and sports. They sport (too) little and too one-sided, and as a result they exercise not often enough. They may not just miss out on fun, but also fall behind physically, cognitively and socially. At this, you may think of children trailing behind in forms of cooperation, sense of values, in keeping and observing the rules, showing consideration and getting to know their own talents and limitations. These lags in development are a negative influence on children’s behaviour. Besides this, obesity in children is a growing health concern in our society. By offering a variety of sports activities, Sport4kidz wants to do it’s bit to encourage children to move forward. Are we merely being sensible? Not at all! Our goal for each and every child is to feel the joy of playing sports and games! Let’s Play!

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